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This charming Millie vase offer a gorgeous home for your favourite fresh cut or dried flowers. The beautiful Millie vase is made by skilled artisans. The story of the Millie is worth sharing, the skill is passed down from their forefathers and only a few craftsmen have the skill to make this vase.

Bring our Millie vase into your home and be charmed by its unique pattern and gorgeous shape. Mix and match to find the expression you like the most.

Each product is handmade by skilled craftsmen from the glass city of India, Firozabad. The skill is passed down to workers from their forefathers and there are only a few craftsmen who have the skill to make this product. The production process involves drawing of molten glass from the furnace at around 1200 degrees centigrade and then fusing the multi glass color patches at the time of glass blowing. Working at such high temperatures it is at little control and all the glass color patches are fused randomly thus making each product look unique in itself. Later each piece is polished by hand by the help of abrasive tools to give the final look

Farbe:  Black/White

Material:  Glass

Maße in cm:  20X7X17

Pflege:  Dishwashersafe, but handwash is recommend.