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The Amera series is one of the design icons of Lene Bjerre. The series is designed from scratch, where the source of inspiration comes from the calm colors and organic shapes of nature. Our gravy boat from the Amera series emphasises the unperfect - we believe that products that are skew and have personality give the home character. The characteristics of the unique design come from the double reactive glazing, that every product is treated with. This process is done by skilled craftsmen that have a passion for giving birth to home interior with soul! The beautiful thing about the glazing is that each Amera item will vary in its expression and look. You will therefore not find two pieces of Amera tableware, that are 100% similar - we call it personal home interior! Decorate your dinner table with style and serve your favorite dishes in our Amera tableware - it is gorgeous and easy!

The Amera series is designed by our own skillful designer at Lene Bjerre.The first step in the process is making the clay from a mix of raw materials and water. This normally take at least 2-3 days. The clay is cut into bits, depending on the item, a machine is doing this to make sure the right amount of clay is used. Afterwards the body is formed into the right shape by a man that controls a machine that presses the clay into a mould. The rough body is dried in a special kiln in at least 12 hours, and afterwards it is cleaned and rough edges are being corrected. The items are glazed with double reactive glaze*, which means that it is glazed 2 times with reactive glaze and then fired. The item is dipped in the first layer of glaze, while the second layer of glaze is sprayed on by hand. The last time it is going into the kiln the items is in there for no less than 6 hours at 1250 degrees. When using double reactive glaze, no items will be exactly the same – variation from pcs to pcs, lot to lot will occur and that is the special charm for Amera coll.*Reactive glaze means that the glazes are undergoing a chemical reaction during firing, to produce a particular variegation, which is very special and unique for this type of ceramic.

Farbe:  Blue

Material:  Ceramics

Maße in cm:  16.5X10X8.5

Pflege:  Dishwashersafe