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Detailed, decorative paraffin candle in the colour , designed in a YingYang shape from Lene Bjerre.

With this Yingyang candle you can create a perfect cozy atmosphere in your home. The light is produced with 100% paraffin wax, which is a mineral material with better properties than regular wax. The attractive candle measures L13xW13 cm and has a burning time of hours.

The candle goes well with other candles from Lene Bjerre - especially on one of our decorative trays spiced up with some different ornaments. At Lene Bjerre, we have created a sumptuous assortment of beautiful candlesticks, candles and tealight holders. Our designs are kept simple and elegant, and are thus easier to mix and match to create a personal expression. .

All types of burning candles create particles - soot. In order to minimize and to control this, there are 2 important processes to comply. Firstly is to conduct a sooting test. LBD executes sooting test ongoing to ensure that the wax does not exceed EU requirements regarding strict limits for sooting. Secondly is trimming and care. Regardless of the quality of the candle, soot will appear if users of the candle do not trim and fit its light, so there is a bright flame and a lean light edge. Candles require care to achieve the best burning and to avoid sooting.

Farbe:  Black/White

Material:  Paraffin

Maße in cm:  13X13X5

Pflege:  Follow the tips in Lene Bjerre guide candles on the safe side.