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Size: L40xW30 cm


Delicious side dishes are the road to a beautiful and welcoming dinner table - use the Ellia series' serving trays or centrepieces in marble for your side dishes.

The characteristics of the Ellia series are the beautiful marble. Every tray and centrepiece is sawn out from a large chunk of marble. Skilled artisans cut and shape the marble into either a stunning tray or a practical centrepiece. This method results in the look and size will vary from product to product - your tray or centrepiece from Lene Bjerre will get its own expression!

When you are not using the Ellia series for servings, the marble has another great function: It looks amazing as decor in the rest of your home.

The best way to maintain your marble tray or centrepiece is to treat them with neutral cooking oil. It will prevent greasy spots on the marble.

The tray is made of solid marble.The tray is sawn out of a large block of marble and then cut into the requested shape and then polished on all surfaces.Logo is etched into the front side of the marble with laser radiation.The entire production process is done by hand and it all requires both experience and concentration to get the nice products reasonable equal. As the tray is cut from a large block of marble, you will never see 2 items which looks the same.The color/pattern in the tray will vary from piece to piece and the colors will be from light brown to dark brown. To maintain marble trays, we recomend to polish it with a neutral cooking oil, it will prevent greasy spots from cheese etc. Marble has been very popular the last few years. It is very suitable for serving and when not used, it is can be used for decoration.As all trays is hand made, variation in size may occur.

Farbe:  White

Material:  Marble

Maße in cm:  40X30X1

Pflege:  The products should be hand washed and are not dishwasher safe.