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Size: L46xW40 cm


Gorgeous chopping board made of acacia wood.

The Elisse chopping measures and is perfect for cooking, for serving or just for decoration. A cutting board is an essential item in any kitchen. Therefore, protect your countertop with the help of one of our decorative and practical chopping boards, or serve food on the chopping board.

The Elisse series is handmade by skilled artisans and therefore each chopping board has its own unique expression.

The tray is made of acacia wood.The tray is sawn out of a large block of wood and then cut into the requested shape and then polished on all surfaces.The acacia wood is lime washed in order to get this specific color. The entire production process is done by hand and it all requires both experience and concentration to get the nice products reasonable equal.As all trays is hand made, variation in size may occur.

Farbe:  Nature

Material:  Acacia Wood

Maße in cm:  46X40X1.5

Pflege:  The products should be hand washed and are not dishwasher safe.