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Size: L26xW26 cm


Rustic and gorgeous decoration vase made of Stoneware. The look of the vases from the Avillia series is both rustic and modern.

The vases are shaped by hand - it gives you the opportunity to get a personal vase in your home.

Use the vases for decorative use only as the vase is beautiful itself, or you can add some dried flowers or our artificial flowers in the vases. The vases are not suitable for liquid because of the material and are not frost-proof.

The mold is made by skilled workers by hand.After the mold is dried, the vase is shaped and then baked in the oven by 1200 degees. when cooled the worker takes each vase piece by pice and paint the color on the surface.

Farbe:  Tigers Eye

Material:  Ceramics

Maße in cm:  26X26X26.6