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Size: L8xW8 cm


A votive from the Miy series is not just another votive – it is a piece of art!

The beautiful glass shape of the votives are something truly special. Look closer at the votive. We have spent a lot of time on moulding the glass so that its expression stands out. Feel the glass with your hand. You will understand why we love our Miy votives - the glass feels magical.

The votive is covered with a messing band in the bottom, to give the Miy votive the classic Lene Bjerre look.

Try to decorate your dresser or your bathroom with the Miy votive - see how it creates a personal mood in your decorations!

This tealight is like our Miya collection where it is half machine and half handmade. It is made of plain pressed glass and then sprayed the color by hand, and then glue the metal base onto the glass. The plain surface and the gold metal base give a perfect combination of an elegant candle holder that can be used in every home.

Farbe:  Tigers Eye/L. Gold

Material:  Glass

Maße in cm:  8X8X7.5