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Size: L36.5xW36.5 cm


Let your flowers get the attention they deserve in this Anna vase. Its classic and timeless design goes with many different styles. Plants and flowers are for helping to create an authentic and cosy atmosphere in your interior design.

First, the clay is shaped by hand so that the vase gets the right shape. When the clay is set the next step is to make the vase long-lasting by burning the clay at high temperatures in the ceramic kiln The clay is then quickly cooled down again. At last, skilled artisans hand paints the vase.

The Anna vase is waterproof and 100% handmade.

The designs are meant to be part of our classic and timeless part of the collection which means it can be used across trends, time and by different kind of customers.When creating the this type of terracotta, it starts with making a plaster mould containing the shape and decoration of the terracotta item. Then liquid ceramic terracotta clay is filled in the mould. After a while the clay model is dry enough to be taken out of the mould, to be cleaned and put into the first long burning in the kiln with high temperature. When it has cool down, the item is then painted by hand by skilled artisans.Finally, the item is glazed inside, in order to make the ceramic waterproof.This beautiful piece is 100% made by hand.

Farbe:  Ant. Black

Material:  Ceramics

Maße in cm:  36.5X36.5X48

Pflege:  Wipe with a soft cloth