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Exclusive champagne glass in a clear colour from Lene Bjerre. This champagne glass measures L6.4xB6.4xH21.5 cm. and can hold 21 cl. Set the perfect table for all occasions with this Cristel champagne glass, which is perfect for everyday use or for those evenings where there is something special to celebrate. At Lene Bjerre we have glasses for all occasions, that are designed with an eye for detail and quality. Mix and match as you desire and in this way create your very own unique and personal expression on the table. NOTE: This champagne glass is dishwasher-safe.

It requires teamwork to produce Cristel pressed glass. A single glass requires many different people's expertise - such as form makers, smelters, glassblowers, engravers and masters.The glass consists predominantly of molten silica sand consisting of sand, limestone, soda ash, potash.The raw material is within 10-12 hours heated to about 1,400 ° C in a large container of a refractory crucible inside the furnace. The mixture is heated typically up during the night, and when the glass workers meet at work in the morning, the temperature of the mass is lowered to the working temperature of 1200 ° C.Glass is a plastic material. You can shape it while it's hot, but outside the oven it solidifies quickly.The liquid glass mass is formed by blowing air through an iron pipe into the molten glass and into a mold. After shaping the glass it must cool very slowly. At too rapid cooling creates stresses in the glass, which can cause it to crack.After cooling, the glass is processed through grinding and polishing.

Farbe:  Clear

Material:  Glass

Maße in cm:  6.4X6.4X21.5

Pflege:  Handwashed with soapy warm water, and wiped dry with soft kitchen towel.