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Measurements: L11xB11xH21 cm


Introduce exclusivity to your home with candlesticks from the Eliane series. The design of this series has a great focus on one thing: the classic and elegant shapes in the brass.

The "body" of the candlestick is shaped in a pressing machine to get the perfect shape. Then the rest of look of the candlestick is hand-shaped by skilled artisans. They have a passion for finding the smallest details in the brass material. The last step is the electroplating and polishing of the candlestick. Then it can shine on your dresser in the hallway.

The candlesticks from the Eliane series fits perfectly together with your favorite candles - and if you need a little inspiration, then have a look at our selection of dinner candles here.

These candlesticks are made in brass and have very nice classics shapes.The shape for this product is made by a pressing machine to get the perfect shape. After the pressing, the work with welding and grinding are made by hand to give the personality of the product. The electroplating gives the fantastic shiny look together with the polishing at the end before packing

Farbe:  Black

Material:  Brass

Maße in cm:  11X11X21

Pflege:  Wipe and polish with a soft cloth