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Measurements: L35xB65xH200 cm


Beautiful and timeless display cabinet in the color with 5 fixed shelves and one glass door, which give the cabinet an exclusive and elegant look. This elegant Ellen display cabinet has a modern and classic design, which can be used in all rooms in the home. Decorate your living room with a beautiful and functional display cabinet, which has plenty of space for your most beautiful stoneware. With the cabinet, you can display your gorgeous home decorations or use it as a place to store your things.

A unique and eye-catching piece of furniture that is guaranteed to exude elegance and style into your home. The Ellen series with its simple and elegant look creates a harmonious atmosphere in the room and gives your home life and soul.

Our Ellen furniture is a collection made of solid pinewood.The paint used for this range of furniture is water-based, offering great quality, performance and coverage, while helping to minimize the impact on indoor air quality and on the environment. The wood surfaces of the furniture are repaired and tenderly prepared to be primed, as a first coating. After the primer gets dry, the small residues are whipped off and the surfaces are yet again prepared for subsequent painting. The following coatings consist of 1-2 layer (s) of water based paint, which ensures a pleasant and reliable coverage of the surfaces. We hope you will enjoy your furniture!The furniture is made in EU.Natural variations occurring in wood are not considered defects and the colour-fastness or matching of colors, grains, or textures of such materials may be different from a product to the other.Furniture made of solid pinewood is sensitive to the environment. Variations in humidity and temperature may cause the wood to swell or shrink, resulting in the occurrence of unevenness and small cracks. Knots and resin are completely natural. Regardless of whether the wooden furniture is waxed, painted or sprayed it can becomes scratched and dented if treated carelessly. Caution must be taken when using grime grease and liquids.Please follow the below care instructions to enjoy your furniture to the fullest:– Do not place the furniture outdoors;– Do not place furniture next to radiators, heating and cooling vents. Keep the wooden furniture at an even temperature with stable humidity. Recommended climate temperature of 18-22°C, humidity between 40 to 60%.– Cyclic changes in temperature in an unheated environment (cool at night, warmer during the day) can cause small cracks of the wood;– Direct sunlight should be avoided; it can dry out wood furniture and has a bleaching effect on wood and finishes;– Do not put hot, scratchy or wet objects on finished surface; use tablecloth/ place mats;– Avoid mechanical shocks by handling carefully. Never drag the pieces across the floor, as this will cause damage to the joints;– Do not use strong cleaning agents containing ammonia, alcohol or silicone.

Farbe:  White

Material:  Pinewood/MDF/Glass

Maße in cm:  35X65X200

Pflege:  Wipe with a soft cloth