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Measurements: L7.5xB7.5xH12.5 cm


Beautiful Ella pouf in and made of oak and polyester.

This elegant and classic Ella pouf in a beautiful and comfortable design. The Ella pouf is designed to be beautiful from every conceivable angle, and it can easily be placed in the middle of a room. The pouf is nothing short of a combination of good quality, comfort, and aesthetics. This beautiful pouf has gorgeous details and is made of oak and the fabric is 100% polyester, which is practical for furniture, as it is both durable and easy to maintain.

A unique and eye-catching piece of furniture that is guaranteed to exude elegance and style into your home. The Ella series with its simple and elegant look creates a harmonious atmosphere in the room and gives your home life and soul.

All types of burning candles create particles - soot. In order to minimize and to control this, there are 2 important processes to comply. Firstly is to conduct a sooting test. LBD executes sooting test ongoing to ensure that the wax does not exceed EU requirements regarding strict limits for sooting. Secondly is trimming and care. Regardless of the quality of the candle, soot will appear if users of the candle do not trim and fit its light, so there is a bright flame and a lean light edge. Candles require care to achieve the best burning and to avoid sooting.The newMalia candles are made with our own flower design. Casted by hand in moulds made specially with our design and in our given colors. Afterwards finished with a layer of white paint, to highlight the design.

Farbe:  Bark

Material:  Paraffin

Maße in cm:  7.5X7.5X12.5

Pflege:  Follow the tips in Lene Bjerre guide candles on the safe side.