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Measurements: L10.5xB10.5xH10 cm


Exclusive og elegant glass from the Claudine series.

Claudine water glass in the colour . This water glass measures L10.5xB10.5xH10 cm. and can contain 49 cl. All of our Claudine glas have a gold edge around the upper part of the glass. Enjoy a cold drink in one of our elegant Claudine glass. Our Claudine glass have both a timeless and sophisticated look that will decorate your dinner table in a stylish way for years to come.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend washing them by hand. Use a clean towel to dry the glasses

Claudine is a handmade, mouth-blown and each glass is a unique craft made by different working procedures. You mix the ingredient,all raw material is of a high level of quality with a lower iron content, which makes sure that the final glass looks high white and shinning effect.The glass is extracted from one of the furnaces—electric or pot—in which molted glass has been heated to a temperature(1450—1500℃) that ensures glass production with minimal flaws. A blowing rod is dipped into the furnace, and a small amount of molted glass is extracted and blown into a small bubble, called the inner bubble. This bubble (approx. 3cm—10cm in diameter) is the base for making red wine,white wine,champagne, tumbler ect.After the inner bubble has been blown, it is checked for flaws, such as small bubbles, chips, etc., which might appear in the finished product later. It is then formed into an approximate shape. This rough form is then blown into its final shape in a mold located below ground, which is cooled by circulating waterAfter the bowl has been formed in the mold, For stemware glass or wine glass, the stem is stretched to its desired length and then do the base, the base is attached to the stem.When the glass has been blown and formed, it is transferred to the annealing kiln, also called a lehr. During this process, glass is slowly heated and cooled in order to toughen it and reduce brittleness. The annealing kiln is about 28 meters long, through which glassware passes on a conveyor belt. The whole process from entry to exit takes about 100 minutes, during which the glass is exposed to temperatures varying from 540oC in the middle of the kiln, to a minimum of 600C at the exit point.When the glass exits the annealing kiln, it is received by workers in the cold-working shop. The rim do the cold cut,the cold trimming rim gives a splendid feel when touch with the lip,and the extremely thin glass will fully exposure the wine. By the brand new fusing, blown and processing technique, the glass is stainless with splendid technique and smooth rim Then the rim has to be grounded by fine sand and water to make it flat, the t´rim also needs the baking or polishing.After the rim has been processed, the glass is then treated in various ways, ours is golden rim, the golden material comes from Heraeus in Germany,which is produced strictly according to food safe,we will use tools like little brush to paint, and then do second annealing with temperature 540℃- 550 ℃; these various treatment processes are important for adding value to our products.Please note that all this golden rim, we recommend handwash only. At the end of the prodcution workers pick all items to another plate and make all of them cool and then do laser logo.It is a beautilful product with its elegance and unique look...

Farbe:  Clear/L. Gold

Material:  Glass

Maße in cm:  10.5X10.5X10

Pflege:  Handwashed with soapy warm water, and wiped dry with soft kitchen towel.